Entrepreneurship changes lives.

We exist to equip students with theconfidence, creativity, and problem solving skills uniquely forged through entrepreneurship that will change their lives forever.

We do this by helping students ages 11-18 start a real business through our turn-key entrepreneurship curriculum.

Our Programs Have Changed to Online Delivery!

Our Summer Entrepreneurship Programs took place in Summer 2022 across DFW and Waco, with over 400 students participating! Highlight video below.

Now, to better serve students regardless of seasonality or geography, we have moved to 100% digital delivery of our online entrepreneurship course.You can apply for access here.

Entrepreneurial Education Built for the 21st Century

It's one thing to read about business or learn to write a business plan, but our entrepreneurs put those steps into action and actually launch a real business. By creating a real business even for a few weeks, our entrepreneurs walk away changed forever.

We are passionately working to equip students with the traits uniquely forged through entrepreneurship:



People Skills

Financial Literacy


How Our Program Works

The Format

From 2019 - 2022 we held summer entrepreneurship programs in Texas that helped over 2,000 students launch businesses.

Starting in 2023, we moved to an all-digital format where students can apply to get our digital entrepreneurship curriculum accessible anytime, anywhere.

You can apply here.

The Curriculum

Our online curriculum is used in schools across the United States and has helped thousands of students create, launch, and grow a business.

The course takes approximately 15 weeks to complete but students can move at their own pace and go slower or faster than that. It takes students through every step of creating a business and making real sales!

Note: The physical business kits in use from 2019 - 2022 have been discontinued.

The Outcome

Our programs have significant social, emotional, and financial outcomes for our student participants. Not only do most students save their profit and or choose to give back to the community through their business, but parents report their child(ren) grew in creativity, confidence, critical thinking, financial literacy, and people skills because of the program.

9 out of 10 of our participants plan to continue their entrepreneurial journey after the conclusion of our programs, so these amazing outcomes are only the beginning of the change that occurs in our students' lives.

Our Incredible Sponsors

Our summer programs would not have been possible without the incredible generosity of our donors. Many companies, foundations, and individuals supported our programs and made it possible for so many students to participate and launch their first business. We are incredibly grateful for their support!