2022 Pitch Video Competition Judge Sign Up


As part of our 2022 Program our young entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to submit a three minute pitch video about their business to compete for over $800 in cash and other prizes.

This competition is a huge learning opportunity for our young entrepreneurs to learn and develop as business owners.

As a judge you have the ability to provide helpful comments, direction, and encouragement that will make a lasting impact. Plus these videos are just pretty amazing and having watched all 130 submitted last year, we can tell you it's inspiring and fun to be a part of helping our next generation of Texas entrepreneurs succeed.

Judging criteria and easy to use online forms will be provided so judges can quickly and efficiently provide feedback on each three minute pitch video they are assigned.

Estimated time involved

Time commitment: 2-2.5 hours total per judge. Judging will start August 1st and will need to be completed any time before 12pm Friday August 5th.

30 judges needed in total.

This is a completely virtual opportunity. Click here to view our 2021 Highlight video to get and idea of some of the businesses our Texas young entrepreneurs create: https://youtu.be/nUoJ_R_dYck

To sign up as a Judge, please fill out the form below: