2022 Pitch Video Competition Judging


As part of our 2022 program our young entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to submit a three minute pitch video about their business to compete for $850 in cash and other prizes.

This competition is a huge learning opportunity for our young entrepreneurs to learn and develop as business owners.

As a judge you have the ability to provide helpful comments, direction, and encouragement that will make a lasting impact. Plus these videos are just pretty amazing and having watched all submitted last year, we can tell you it's inspiring and fun to be a part of helping our next generation of Texas entrepreneurs succeed.

Judging criteria and easy to use online forms will be provided so judges can quickly and efficiently provide feedback on each three minute pitch video they are assigned.

Estimated time involved

2-2.5 hours total per judge. 40 judges needed in total.

This is a completely virtual opportunity.

Judging Criteria:

Business and Product/Service Description (Worth 15% of Total Score): How well was the business explained? Was the product or service clearly defined? Did the entrepreneur convey enthusiasm about their product or service?

Differentiation (Worth 15% of Total Score): What makes the product or service different/better and why would the customer want to buy from this business? How compelling was this difference?

Call to action (Worth 10% of Total Score): Was there a clear call-to-action defined and a way for someone to buy from their business outlined? How do they take the next step towards becoming a customer? 

Goals, Aspirations, and Impact (Worth 15% of Total Score): Did the entrepreneur effectively describe what they wanted to get out of their business and what goals they had moving forward?  Did the entrepreneur provide some way their business is having an impact other than just making sales? (Saving for the future, giving back to the community in a relevant way, etc.)

Confidence / Delivery (Worth 15% of Total Score): Was the pitch attention grabbing and engaging?  Was the entrepreneur speaking with confidence and clarity?

Creativity / Entertainment (Worth 20% of Total Score): Did the pitch hold your attention? Was it effective? Was it memorable?

Audio and Video Quality (Worth 10% of Total Score): Could we see and hear the entrepreneur well? 

Judging will occur the week of August 1st.  Winners will be announced via email on August 6th.

Timing and Deadlines

Judging will occur the week of August 1st.  All judging needs to be completed by 12 noon on Friday August 5th.

Winners will be announced via email on August 6th.


An email will be sent to each judge before end of day August 1st with all the details. Please complete one form for each entry you are judging (as a result you will submit the same form multiple times).

To judge an entry, please fill out the form below: