Competition Overview

The 2020 summer entrepreneurship program also included the first annual Business Pitch Competition with over 130 student entries! Our students built some amazing businesses and were tasked with pitching it on video. The 2020 competition was graded by people's choice (most votes wins), and in 2021 we will be incorporating a judging panel to provide feedback on all of the entries. Here are the winners from last year!

Elementary School (Through 5th Grade) Results

1st Place: Sky-tastic Treats(814 votes)

2nd Place: V Bomb (597 votes)

3rd Place: Bubble Shop (452 votes)

Middle School (6th-8th Grade) Results

1st Place: Tori's Treats (416 votes)

2nd Place: Walk N Stay (353 votes)

3rd Place: Tropical Paradise (233 votes)

High School (9th-12th Grade) Results

1st Place: Danica's Dog Treats (387 votes)

2nd Place: Emily's Soap Shop (294 votes)
Video no longer available

3rd Place: Claire's Soap Suds (127 votes)